Ubuntu Server 13.10 Installation


Downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/. We selected the PC (Intel x86) server install image


Booted from the Installation media

Select English as the language


Select Install Ubuntu Server


Select English


Select United States


Select No


Select US English


Select English (US)


Installation will detect hardware and load components


Enter the hostname and press Continue



Enter the User Account and select continue



Enter the username and select continue


Enter a password and select continue

Then confirm the password and select continue


Select Yes to encrypt home directory then press Enter


Select your time zone and select Continue


Select Guided ΓÇô use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM

Select Continue


Select disk to partition then press Enter


Select Yes then press Enter


Enter Encryption passphrase then select Continue

Then verify the passphrase and select Continue


Enter the size of the volume then select Continue


Select Yes


Installation will proceed


Enter a proxy if you have one select Continue


Select No Automatic Updates and press Enter


Select the software you want to install then select Continue

Select Yes to install the GRUB Boot Loader then select Yes


Installation will complete. Select Continue


Enter the passphrase to unlock the disk


Enter the login then press Enter

Enter the password then press Enter


The system should be up and running and ready for further configuration or use